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hypoglycemia foods

Individuals who suffer from hypoglycemia know that having a sharp dip in blood sugar is no walk in the park. Sweating, disorientation, and even unconsciousness tell the body that sugar in the blood is reaching dangerously low levels. Those who suffer from blood sugar problems have to know what kind of foods to eat, how to manage their blood sugar on a daily basis with the use of medications, food and exercise and what to do when a hypoglycemic episode hits. Hypoglycemics need to consume meals that can sustain them throughout the hours before the next meal. Nutrition experts recommend staying away from foods high in carbohydrates and low in protein and going for foods that have a high protein content. Carbohydrates tend to produce a sharp rise and fall [...]


Hypoglycemia, also know low blood sugar or low blood glucose is a condition that occurs when the level of glucose in the blood drops below the normal level. Glucose is a very important nutrient that provides the body with the energy it requires. When the blood sugar level is low, the body will not have enough fuel to keep cells functioning at their optimum level. In this state, there many things that happen to that serve as signs of hypoglycemia. The signs include; 1. Light headedness or dizziness Dizziness usually sets in when one has Hypoglycemia. The dizziness or light headedness is usually experienced because the body cells are not functioning as they should due to lack of sugar. Low blood glucose can make you feel tired when you have [...]


10 years of extensive research my life mission is to help you get the latest and the most balanced information on hypoglycemia and also have a full understanding on how the low blood sugar works.

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